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Welcome to SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training

SellSafe is a mandatory social responsibility training program designed to help retail cannabis staff understand what their responsibilities are to their customers. The program also helps workers understand what Alberta's cannabis laws and AGLC's policies are so they can follow them. These rules are in place to help protect people working in the cannabis industry, their property, their customers and the public from cannabis-related harms.

Licensed retail cannabis store staff must have SellSafe certification prior to applying to AGLC to be a Qualified Cannabis Worker.

What is SellSafe?

SellSafe is a mandatory certification program designed to help licensed retail cannabis store staff understand how to sell legal cannabis responsibly. Other Canadian provinces may have similar social responsibility training programs for retail cannabis staff.


What topics are covered?

SellSafe is a social responsibility training program designed to help retail cannabis staff understand:

  • The social responsibility policies that are important for their jobs
  • How to prevent minors from purchasing cannabis, and


Who needs to take this program?

SellSafe certification is mandatory for the following full- and part-time staff:

  • Licensed premises owners who are responsible for directly managing a retail cannabis store;
  • Licensed premises managers, supervisors, retailers, and cashiers;
  • Security staff (directly employed or contracted by the licensee); and
  • Direct supervisors of employees of a company contracted to provide security.


Need proof of your certification? No problem.

Licensee staff must provide proof of SellSafe certification at the request of an AGLC Inspector. Failure to present proof of SellSafe certification may result in disciplinary action. Proof of SellSafe certification includes:

  • paper printed versions that have a QR code
  • the Personal Information page printed from the staff member's SMART account
  • clear images of any of the above (i.e., image, photograph or screen shot saved on the staff member's mobile device/phone)

Note: AGLC policy requires all licensees to keep a log of staff certifications for the positions where SMART certification is required, and for all employees to show proof of their certification(s) on request.

Proof of your certification is saved to the Personal Information and Completion Status pages of your SMART Programs account. Sign in and follow the on-screen instructions to see it. Print a copy of your card or save an image of it to your mobile device.

If you forgot your password, click here to retrieve it.

If you can't get proof of your certification, send us an email or call 1-877-436-6336, toll-free in Alberta, between 8:15 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. The SMART Programs office is closed on weekends, statutory holidays and from December 24 through January 1st.